Ματ σε 2 υφέσεις

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H1: Spyridoula Baka

G6: Petros Lampridis

F4: Yiannis Tsioulakis

D4: Costas Tsioulakis

D8: Yiorgos Kontoyiannis

B2: Dimitris Varelopoulos

A8:  Alexandros Kapsokavadis


the band

The band ‘Checkmate in Two flats’ (Mat se Dio Ifesis) was established in 1999 by graduates of the Music High school of Western Athens. Since then, the band has released three full-length studio albums: Mat se Dio Ifesis (2003) produced by Nikos Grapsas and Dynameis tou Aigaiou, A Lie that Sounds True (2005) produced by Nikos Xidakis and Haig Yazdjian, and Trypio Feggari (2009). In 2011, ‘Checkmate in Two Flats’ produced and released online their latest studio work, including four compositions based on poems by Miltos Sahtouris.
The band has performed beside accomplished musicians in Greece such as Nikos Grapsas, Christos Thivaios, Orfeas Peridis, Haig Yazdjian, Vassilis Rakopoulos, Ross Daly, and have composed music or performed as a session band for several studio albums within the past eight years.