Ματ σε 2 υφέσεις

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Hitech magazine (Haris Sarris)

Checkmate in 2 Flats: when articulated style proposes…

‘…Maybe a CD like this one (Mat se Dio Ifesis) could lead to “the rock of our future”…’


Newspsper Apogevmatini (Dora Amarantidou)

International level

‘…this album (Psema san Alithia) exemplifies an ideal production of the contemporary international music scene…’


e-go.gr (Georgia Laimou)

‘…I would say “excellent”, for excellent are the instruments, the arrangements and the voices performing these songs… An album (Psema san Alithia) able to make you a little more optimistic concerning new Greek music releases. It could take you from the coast of Ireland to the mountains of Crete, just for the journey’s sake…’


Diphono magazine (Yiorgos Mitrakis)

‘…A very good Greek album (Psema san Alithia) intending to remain forever in every collection that acquires it…’


Ως3 magazine (Christos Papamichalis)

‘…Sometimes they draw on tradition, other times on what we call “art song” and ultimately on our hopes that the game of discography is not yet lost…’